HGTV, Food Net serve up HDTV

Lost Remote: HGTV, Food Net serve up HDTV Not that I’m a big Home & Garden Television or the Food Channel fan, but it’s always nice to see more programming in HDTV. Who ever knew tuna noodle caserole could look so good.

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  1. Hey thomas, you site is huge, ever think about adding a search quary for only your posts?

  2. Thomas Hawk says:


    Good to hear from you. Isn’t it about time you updated your blog?

    You can easily do this through an advanced search on Google. Just go to advanced search on Google and there is a option for domain. Just type in the domain restriction and you can limit the search to Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection.

  3. says:

    Why is it that the Food and Garden Network can show us Bob Villa in HDTV, but I still can’t get the NBA Playoffs, Who wants to be a Millionaire or David Letterman in HDTV? If PBS, KRON and the Food and Garden network can produce their shows in HDTV, then I should also be able to see Drawn Together, Dog the Bounty hunter and other cable classics as well.