HDTV Sales Keep Rising, But Content is Scarce

North Jersey Media Group providing local news, sports & classifieds for Northern New Jersey!: HDTV will be the most significant upgrade of television consumption since we went from black and white to color many years ago. It’s important that the companies developing DVR technology and internet TV recognize this and develop strategies to capitalize on this upcoming boom.

“HDTV sets, including the flat models that hang on walls, are some of the hottest electronic products around. But about two-thirds of the 12.8 million homes with HDTV sets weren’t tuning in to a single program in full-blown high-def, according to the market research firm In-Stat.

‘Most of the people with HDTV sets are just using them to watch DVDs,’ said Michael Paxton, a senior researcher at the firm.

The gap between HD set owners and viewership of HD programs shows how far the TV technology has come – and how far it has to go.

Eventually, nearly everyone will have HDTV – it’s a question of when.”

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