The Engadget & Joystiq Interview: Steve Ballmer

The Engadget & Joystiq Interview: Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft – Engadget –

Interesting stuff.

“Look past the gaming aspects of the console, how does the Xbox 360 serve as Microsoft’s beachhead into the living room. A 20GB hard drive isn’t a lot of space for storage, but since it does have this broadband connection, how is it going to integrated with IPTV, streaming video, and streaming audio?

Three things: Number one, who knows what configurations will be there by the time we’re done. I think that’s important to say. Number two, because you do have the network connectivity, whether you have a Media Center PC or not. You can put an awfully big hard disk on a regular PC and plug into this ecosystem, we have plenty of extensibility in terms of storage. And then number three, you take the IP TV work we’re doing, and that technology can run on a PC, on a set top box, it can run on an Xbox. So there will be, in conjunction with the work we do with the video delivery companies, particularly the telcos, who have tended to be our strongest customers for our IPTV stuff, there will be yet another way to acquire and use video content. So you have set tops, you have the set top experience, you have the Xbox, you’ve got a big hard disk, you’ve got networked to the PC in the home, so I think there will be a lot of ways to get that media onto the Xbox.”

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