$5 per Month is the New De Facto Fine for the RIAA

Yahoo forces RIAA staff cutbacks… – Blog Maverick – www.blogmaverick.com _ Mark Cuban is arguing over at Blog Maverick that with the introduction of Yahoo!’s new $5 per month music service that this needs to become the new de facto “damages” that the RIAA ought to be able to claim when suing kids.

After all, when the kids could have paid for the music via Yahoo! for $5 a month it makes it hard to say the music loss is worth more than that.

“The RIAA can no longer claim that students who are downloading music are costing them thousands of dollars each. They cant claim much of anything actually. In essence, Yahoo just turned possession of a controlled music substance into a misdemeanor. Payable by a $5 per month fine.”

This is quite a bit less than the RIAA would suggest who ridiculously continue to remind people that the penalty for downloading music can be a maximum of $150,000 per song. Whoever made this law by the way should be taken out back and tarred and feathered. Nobody spends $150,000 in their lifetime let alone per song.

I also particularly liked the part where Cuban calls Orrin Hatch a back pocket politician and wonders now, “what will he get on his knees for in order to get money from the music industry?

I still say Mark Cuban for president on the Cuban/Kahle ticket. Who better in the White House than an outspoken Texan who hates politics and the RIAA and loves HDTV?

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  1. Kevin Cannon says:

    That argument is totally wrong.

    The RIAA don’t sue people for downloading music — they sue people for sharing it.

    If oen person shares music with 100 people then it’s $5 per month multiplied by the amount of people they shared with.

    And even then, when you’re caught doing something wrong, you usually have to pay more than it would have cost to legally do it. That’s the way fines work anyway.