Windows Media Center Tip: Alternative Media Center Extenders

The F-Stop Blues: Windows Media Center Tip: Alternative Media Center Extenders Hot Damn! I have a feeling that I’m going to be doing a lot of linking to Tim Coyle going forward. Tim’s got some really great stuff. He is out now with alternative Media Center Extender options. How to use Orb networks to deliver your MCE machine content to an old PC collecting dust in your basement. I love this guy! Now this is thinking outside the box. Nice work Tim! I just may have to try this.

On the other hand, I am planning on equipping about four rooms in my home with extender units once the new Xboxes come out. Rumors are that this box will support HDTV content as an extender unit and that would just about do it for me. Oh and by the way, it will most likely be really good at playing games.

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  1. melliott says:

    Hey Thomas great blog. I have you in my reader. Good stuff. You would’nt happen to have a link pointing to the features the next gen xbox will provide as an extender? I currently have 2 xboxes as extenders and contemplating getting a third but I know I really should hold out until the next release. Thanks melliott.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Melliott. Actually I don’t. I think it’s pretty top secret still at this point — but there was a retracted post from Neowin a while back that suggested Xenon (it’s code name) would support HDTV as an extender.

    I think Microsoft probably would rather the features be kept top secret until they do the kick off of the product next month on MTV which I can assure you I will be blogging about then.

    Jim Allchin seemed really excited about the new Xbox at dinner the other night though.