TiVo to End Rebates for New TiVos

Some of you may have noted the mention of TiVo cutting back their “marketing expenses” on their last earnings conference call as they are trying to as their number one goal now get to profitability by fiscal year end.

“Marketing expenses” is financial speak for rebates. And it looks like TiVo just may be serious about this for real this time. Yesterday TiVo sent an email out notifying people that their TiVo rebate period would be ending April 30th. I really don’t think that this is a ploy to push some quick sales between now and then and suspect that they indeed are being truthful and that you probably won’t see any other TiVo rebate offers between now and the end of the year.

From the email:

“Get More space for Less money! The time and price are right
to increase your recording space – up to 80 hours – and get
more of the TiVo service you already know and love: Get an
80-hr TiVo(R) box for just $99*- you save $200! Available only
at TiVo.com – you won’t find this deal anywhere else. This
offer really DOES (sadly) end 4/30/05.**

You have to buy the TiVo at their website in order to get the offer.

” $299 MSRP, 80-hour TiVo(R) Series2 DVR by Humax
– $100 limited-time INSTANT savings
– $100 mail-in rebate*

Only $99* (You save $200!)”

Thanks, discfree.com NSFW

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