TiVo to Also Fire Advertising at You if You Use Comcast or DirecTV

TiVo adds ads with DirecTV and Comcast | PVRblog Looks like DirecTV and Comcast customers won’t be exempt from the TiVo ads afterall. PVRBlog is reporting that you can expect to see this abusive treatment as a DirecTV or Comcast TiVo customer going forward as well.

This is a huge PR blunder for TiVo.

Anyone else notice that Microsoft Media Center not only doesn’t charge a monthly fee but they don’t shoot these ads at you (hopefully this doesn’t change)?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why are you constantly comparing a Tivo to a Microsoft Media Center setup? Tivo=no crash, simple box, no computer skills needed. Media Center=crash, lockup, virus, spyware fears, ad nauseum. Tivo is an appliance-it just works. Can the same be said for a Media Center PC for the average user?