Scoble’s Channel 9 Interview with Jim Allchin

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Scoble’s got his Channel 9 interview with Microsoft’s Jim Allchin up. Scobe and MCE guys, how come I’m not watching this on my MCE machine? Why no Channel 9 in Online Spotlight? I know I’d get a season pass. Are we afraid of what Microsoft execs look like on the 42″ plasma? Scoble, this could give you a good reason to get them to spring for a new high-def video camera for you. They are getting cheap enough now.

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  1. Ian says:

    Well said. Why Microsoft doesn’t push more of its own content to Online Spotlight I don’t know

    I am about to publish my next show and on that Michael Sprague from TVTonic talkes about how you will be able to watch Channel 9 via TVTonic.
    I am also enabling Video in my RSS Reader for MCE
    (Maybe I should send you a version over for you to play with)

  2. tby says:

    Channel 9 is sort of in the Online Spotlight, if you go to Newsgator…

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    Yes, you can get Channel 9 through Newsgator and Ian I’d love to try your software. The issue is though that going at video content through cluttered RSS feeds in Newsgator isn’t the most clean and consumer friends approach.

    I should be able to get a “Season Pass” to Channel 9 just like I can get a “Season Pass” to CSI Miami. Microsoft should integrate Microcontent into the search features of the guide and “My TV” As new Channel 9 videos are available my MCE should automatically be smart enough to download and have them there for me later in the same “My TV” menu. In fact I think that much of the Online Spotlight stuff should be integrated into the guide.

    If I could get a Season Pass to Channel 9 then this could also allow Scoble to offer a special HDTV version that could download for 4 hours overnight (assuming everyone was ok with the bandwidth costs) and be there for me the next morning.

    Now this would be slick! Channel 9 should have three flavors of the same programming by the way. 1. Full HDTV Channel 9 for the MCE, Regular old Channel 9 video like they’ve got now for download, and a much smaller audio only podcast version of Channel 9 for very quick downloads and to let it fit as a podcast better on mobile devices. As Robert does interview type stuff mostly, it would work as well as a podcast as it does a video and it probably wouldn’t be much work to strip out the audio only and offer a smaller audio podcast version sitting side by side the larger video version.

    HDChannel 9 though would be slickest of all.