One Problem With Bloglines and One Problem With NewsGator

After playing around more with both Bloglines and NewsGator Online I’ve found a problem with each of these two services that these companies should address:

Bloglines: Ok, so you limit the amount of stories collected for a single feed to 200 and then you stop adding stories to a feed. Three weeks later when I finally get around to viewing these stories the info is dated. How about keeping the 200 most recent feeds instead of the first 200 I haven’t seen. All of the more recent stories are lost once I view the 200 that I have built up.

NewsGator: What’s up with not publishing Pubsub headlines and links. Pubsub publishes them. Bloglines has no problem showing them in my reader. What good is it to me to see a story from one of my Pubsub RSS feeds if I can’t go back and actually look at the original source story? You give me the text of the Pubsub story but no headline or link.

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