One-on-One with Bill Gates

Lost Remote: One-on-one with Bill Gates

Gates: “Typically in the past, there’s been a separation between the PC that you sit close to, was not about video, and your TV that you sat ten feet away from, was about video. That’s no longer the case. The internet is being used to deliver video of all types…. Ideally, it will be both on the PC and the TV as well. So they should share a network, share a user interface. We’re doing that by having this Media Center PC that not only has the photos and music and those things, also understands about TV signals. It has the DVR capabilities so you can watch shows whenever you want to. And for people who want the ultimate living room experience, that’s what Media Center version of Windows delivers. And so there’s a fusing of those two worlds: the living room, the way the kids do homework and the way you do work in the den, those will not be separate like they are right now.”

The real question though is why am I watching this Gates video on my PC instead of on my TV in my living room through the MCE UI? How can Microsoft transition this kind of micro content into Online Spotlight? Shouldn’t every video of Gates speaking be a channel that I can easily watch through Media Center — not necessarily an RSS feed that requires me to leave MCE, but an actual search channel that I can subscribe to in MCE through the Online Spotlight? And if I also want to subscribe to other video interviews and speechs from Kurt Vonnegut to Robert Scoble to Mark Cuban shouldn’t I be able to subscribe to and watch these on my MCE machine? And shouldn’t my MCE machine be smart enough to pick up John Battelle on 60 Minutes as well as some obscure video of John Battelle speaking at a conference somewhere through my “John Battelle” subscription?

This is where the future of TV and video need to go. I want my, I want my, I want my “My TV.” Oh yeah, and in high def.

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  1. Ian says:

    Well with a RSS reader for MCE you could watch the video.
    I am working on my RSS reader to enable video support (it’s audio only at the moment)
    So maybe it’s not about being in Online Spotlight but about being in a Microsoft MCE RSS feed?
    (I would still like to see it in Spotlight)