Oakland Police Department Puts Up a Blog?

Oakland Police Department (PSA-2) North Oakland Well I’m not sure that you could call it a blog, per se, but Lt. Lawrence Green of the Oakland Police Department has started a web site with regular updates and posts on what’s going on with crime in North Oakland. This is interesting to see fresh off the heels of California’s new Megan’s Law online registry of convicted sex offenders.

The website includes the latest “North Oakland News,” a blog like section that details in fairly graphic posts the various crime and arrests going on in North Oakland. They include mug shots of those arrested and point to hot spots for drug dealing and talk about ways that individuals in the community can help the police.

This is one of the more interesting police blogs that I’ve seen. For the true crime, Smoking Gun or tough on crime crowd these types of sites will probably be a very welcome addition to the blogosphere — but I can imagine with that whole “innocent until proven guilty thing,” that some criminal right advocates might be pretty opposed to the idea of putting up arrest reports and mug shots online for the whole world to see.

By the way Lt. Green, I’d love to see an RSS feed for your “North Oakland News.”

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  1. Thomas:

    I think the RSS feed is a great idea – Once I figure out how to do it. I took an 8 week web development class at DVC which enabled me to develop this web page. Otherwise, a lot of this stuff is new to me.

    Thanks for your comments,

    Lawrence Green

  2. brell says:

    Unfortunately, that blog is now down.