Microsoft says NO to Longhorn screenshots

Microsoft says NO to Longhorn screenshots Ars Technica says that Microsoft is asking people to pull down screen shots of Longhorn. Chris Pirillo is reported to have remarked that the pull down requests are because, “Longhorn looks like ass.” When I saw the demo I thought it looked pretty slick personally.

If you are hellbent on seeing Longhorn firsthand yourself, you can still see it up on the Bill Gates WinHEC keynote address webcast. Fast forward to about 37:00 to see a Longhorn demo for yourself. You will get a much better sense of the UI than from the screenshots out there anyway. And keep in mind people, this is an early build. The final product is over a year away. By the way, screenshots are still up at flexbeta for the time being.

Scoble adds his take on the situation.

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