Mark Cuban Evangelizes HDTV

Lost Remote: Mark Cuban evangelizes HDTV Cory Bergman has some great posts going up right now over at the Lost Remote where he is sitting ringside at this year’s National Association of Broadcaster’s NAB 2005.

“In a keynote address at NAB, HDNET’s Mark Cuban told broadcasters to embrace a trigger date in the analog to digital transition. “If I were a broadcaster… I’d be screaming like a madman” to set a date, he said. “Hell yes, you want a transition date, because it will be more money than you’ve ever seen.” Cuban also previewed many of the projects on HDNET, including a new show called “Debate” that doesn’t run a fixed time — and a move to deliver HDTV content on hard drives.”

Much of Cory’s notes are sporadic stream of consciousness type of stuff because he’s trying to type as fast as Cuban speaks, which is real fast, but one thing I really liked: “More on the hard drives. Will pre-load video on Media Centers, etc.”

and also,

“Every standard definition PVR sold “is obsolete.” “We’re used to [obsolescence] unfortunately.” Be very careful buying up standard def equipment for customers (SD set-top boxes). Better to put off customers until they can get HD boxes. “

Nice work Cory, and if someone can get their hands on a transcript of Cuban’s speech or even better a podcast please point me in that direction.

Couldn’t agree more Mark!

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