The Idiots Over at DirecTV Are at it Again

DirecTV’s High-Definition TiVo; Blocking Spam ( Well here’s a sure fire way to piss off your high end customers. After they spend $1,000 buying hardware to subscribe to your HDTV signal change your HDTV format so that their hardware doesn’t work anymore.

It looks like DirecTV plans later this year to change the way that they broadcast network high def so that your high def DirecTV TiVo won’t work with network HDTV anymore.

Apparently they are going to give HDTV TiVo users an “offer” to upgrade — no doubt to the piece of crap NDS DVR that they are developing in house.

If DirecTV is going to be offering an “upgrade” then it ought to be an upgrade that still allows me the ability to use my TiVo. And if they can continue to offer HDTV from ESPN, HBO, etc. that the current HDTV TiVo can receive then they ought to also broadcast the network programming in that format as well.

Thanks for pointing out the screwing that Rupert Murdoch is about to give us all discfree.

Update: Discfee is NSFW.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    While I’m sure Discfree is a nice person, there is a NSFW picture on the front page of his/her site. Mouse over the second picture down and ou’ll see it. I would appreciate a NSFW warning.

  2. says:

    1. My webpage is only NSFW depending upon the industry you work in. I have many Actress friends who take no offense from my photo.
    2. Like other great artists of the world, everything I do will not always be NSFW.
    3. My right to walk around Berkeley however I want is a fundamental human right.
    4. I am in fact a very nice person despite what you and your friends say about me.