Goldman Sachs Predicts that the Next Generation Xbox to be Released in October-November With a Retail Price of $249-$299 Microsoft Blog: Next Xbox for $299? “All told, Goldman Sachs analysts say they expect Microsoft to ship about 3 million units of the next Xbox in the fourth quarter of this year, while continuing to ship the current Xbox console, to address the lower end of the market, even after releasing the new console. The analysts write that it would “seem imprudent” for the company to discontinue the current Xbox “given that Xbox 2 would probably not be available in sufficient quantities to meet demand for the seasonally strong December quarter.” They note that their conversations with the company suggest it is, in fact, “unlikely” that Microsoft will stop shipping the current Xbox after releasing the new one.”

Rumor is that the next Xbox, code named Xenon, will support OTA HDTV as an extender unit — something the current Xboxes do not do. I’m planning on buying one of these and using it as an extender as soon as they are released. I’m looking forward to the MTV broadcast on the product next month.

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