Comcast DVR Belongs in A Dumpster

O’Grady’s PowerPage – Your Mobile Technology Destination Not the headline you are probably looking for if you are Comcast, but I think that this article adaquetley conveys some of the frustration that people are having with cable and satellite provided cheapo DVRs.

“All I wanted was to watch 24 last night, and apparently that’s too much to ask from the nation’s largest cable company.”


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  1. says:

    We all go through growing pains, give Comcrap a break. You should have seen Media Center before the upgrade.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And unfortunately his comments reveal that he doesn’t understand that the DCT6412 shuts itself off automatically at the end of a recording IF it had started a recording from the off state; avoid the auto-shutoffs by leaving the box on all the time. When the box turns itself on to record it also mutes and one of the unused keys can be programmed to unmute.