Chris Pirillo is Also Down on Longhorn

WinHEC, Part II (GnomeREPORT): It looks like Longhorn is taking a bit of a beating lately. First Paul Thurrott and now Chris Pirillo also has less than flattering words for the new operating system as well.

Chris thinks that Microsoft needs to spend less time with developers and more time with Windows power users and enthusiasts.

Jake Ludington adds his two cents.

From Jake:

“One area where Microsoft is doing interesting work is by rethinking the way people look for files. Currently we are fairly limited in our efforts to organize information. The best strategy is a series of folders and subfolders all destined to categorize and subcategorize documents, images, music and movies into groups that make sense. If something fits into two categories, you either store it twice, make shortcuts to the master document in multiple locations or pick a place to store a file based on the best match (that’s if you don’t summarily dump everything in your My Documents folder in a jumble).

In Longhorn, Microsoft is taking an approach to all files that’s similar to what we are used to with music. All files can be tagged with an Author designation, which maps very closely to the concept of an Artist in most music player applications. Individual files are further flagged with keywords defined by you to designate some common relationship. For instance, if you have 10 files all pertaining to your kitchen remodeling project, maybe you add the keyword ‘kitchen’ to each of those 10 documents. Now, when you want to find everything on your computer related to the kitchen remodel, you search by typing in the word ‘kitchen’, instead of needing to worry about which folder you stuck a particular file in. This keyword concept is very similar to searching by Genre in a media player. If you have 10 albums that are all Zydeco music, if you search your media player for Zydeco, you’ll return only those 10 albums. Apparently there’s also a rating system for files, although I’m not sure how that makes it easier to find stuff, unless you determine that everything rated 5-stars is more relevant than a 4, 3, 2 or 1-star document.”

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  1. I certainly hope that they come up wiht something better than the Author=Artist equivalence built into Windows Media Player. Some fuzziness is required to deal with the fact that sometimes you may mean Artist and sometimes you may mean Composer. But since WMP totally screws up its labelling for Album Artist, [Contriuting} Artist, Composer and Author, I’m rather scared that they will use this as a model for generic Longhorn metadata labelling and search.