88% of Homes Still Have VCRs

Yahoo! News – Venerable VCR Holding Tough, But Will Give Way To New Tech “The average selling price for a DVD recorder fell to $315 in February from $477 a year earlier and $695 in 2003.

The biggest challenge is educating the public about DVD recorders, says Tony Jasionowski, group manager of strategic planning and development at Panasonic.

“A lot of people realize the benefits of DVD, but until recently they didn’t realize that they could record with DVD in much the same way that they can record with CDs,” Jasionowski said. “Now that the awareness has improved, people are realizing the benefits.” “

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  1. I think a lot of people still have VCR’s because there is no reason to throw them out. I haven’t watched a VHS tape in years, but I still have mine plugged in next to the DVD player and MCE box.

  2. Bryan Socha says:

    I only have a vcr because “grandma” used to only get vhs tapes of kids shows. She has finally stopped doing that, but I dont see a reason to convert the tapes to dvd when its easier to just keep a low end vcr around.