Welton Who?

Received this odd kind of press release today from Welton Way. It seems like a really weird strategy to promote your new product by trashing Microsoft and saying that it will take “100 years” before Microsoft succeeds in developing a user interface — but, hey, you know those mad cap Sweedes! (Did I mention my grandfather came from Sweeden?)

Their website is full of really crazy marketing material — really unusual stuff which mostly seems to just trash Microsoft more than promote their product.

Stuff like, “It is well known (see for example the press quote from Lydmar Hotell) that it is not possible to use Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 in an ordinary living room.”


“Wellton Way has a standing invitation to Microsoft, to compare Wellton Way MultiMedia Center with Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005, a challenge that Microsoft still hasn’t had the courage to accept.”

Huh? Sounds like somebody’s calling Microsoft on the carpet for a little dance-off.

From the press release:

“Microsoft has developed operating systems and user-interfaces since 1980. Besides the well known security problems that the Microsoft operating systems has created, it is today, 25 years later, only 15-20% of the world’s population are able to use a Microsoft computer and the Internet.

With this track record it will thus take at least 100 years before Microsoft succeeds in developing a user-interface that everyone can use. (Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 has not notably changed this scenario)

Since this wait is unacceptable, Wellton Way has developed the world’s only user interface that anyone can use — without any special instructions and without any prior computer knowledge; Wellton Way MultiMedia Center (MMC)”

This is the first I’m hearing of these guys. Maybe it’s an English translation thing but if I didn’t know better I’d think that this were the first Media Platform company with a 12 year old running marketing.

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  1. Stefen says:

    Welton Way MMC is absolute junk. We have tested it. Think of 3-4 slides, navigating by huge arrows back and forth, each slide containing a simple matrix with around 6×6 rectangular buttons. In the background they gave sampled some more or less useful freeware and shareware tools. As ridiculous their marketing is so is their product. Mucho blabla and nothing behind.

  2. A Swedish Guy says:

    Wellton does not have a clue.

  3. Seb - Another Swedish Guy says:

    Wellton Way is absolute junk and they don’t have a clue. However, within their desperate attempts to stay on the surface they do have some good points.

    MCE is priced much closer to XP Home than to Pro. So much closer that many OEMs simply offer MCE as default which Microsoft ofcourse is aware of. Surely Microsoft is trying to utilize their OS to dominate the media center software market. For the end consumer it shouldn’t matter much since MCE is a better plattform. However, for small businesses it is devestating.

    Also, as far as Microsoft marketing I have to agree with Wellton way. Microsoft is not clear enough with all the problems that MCE have with digital pay-TV and set-top boxes. The IR-blaster doesn’t even work with some common set-top boxes.

    In Sweden there are a five free digital TV channels. Four of which are public server. One is a 24h news channel. Most of the content on the other channels is availible on-demand on their websites. The rest needs a set-top box. Needless to say, pretty much anyone interested in the TV functionality of MCE would want payed for digital-TV through a set-top box where Microsoft solutions aren’t up to the promises made in their marketing.

    So, please, don’t through these complaints to the side just because they came from a clueless company. Atleast consider the problem.

  4. A Swedish Guy says:

    “MCE is priced much closer to XP Home than to Pro.”

    But since MCE lacks features that Pro has so why shouldn’t it be cheaper?

    I wonder what the “promises made in their marketing” are?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I live in the states, and I pay for cable. It’s the only way I can get a decent channel lineup so I can record the programs I want to watch later. I have to use STBs to record my programs through MCE.

    At the very least there are a couple of hunderd models of STBs that are defined within MCE. If it doesn’t work, the IR codes can be learned. Setup is very straight forward and it walks you through the process easily. IR blasters are not the most elegant solutions to controling channel changing, but they do indeed work reliably provided you follow through with configuration.

    What “promises made in their marketing” are you refering too?

    There are many other Media Center pvr solutions i.e. Sage TV, Beyond TV, Meedio that are able to compete against MCE very well without resorting to product/company bashing. These are not large software companies by any means. They compete by price, feature set, stability, and support.

    They should be dismissed based upon there own poor product design and marketing campaign. It’s rediculus to stand there and cry foul when they haven’t done there homework in the first place.