Ugh, Hatch to Head Copyright Panel in the Senate

Anti-P2P lawmaker gets top Senate spot | CNET Well the despised Bad Singer/Idiot Senator Orrin Hatch has been put in charge of a new panel on copyright — ugh.

“In 2003, Hatch gained some unwanted notoriety when he suggested during a hearing that copyright holders should be allowed to remotely destroy the computers of music pirates. “I’m interested in doing that,” Hatch said. “That may be the only way you can teach someone about copyright…That would be the ultimate way of making sure” no more copyright is infringed.”

I wish that I lived in Utah so that I could actually vote against this guy. Oh, wait a minute, but then I’d have to live in Utah… uh, nevermind. Can’t we just put this guy in charge of farming or something?

Of course Mitch Glazier of the RIAA is gloating about the situation, “Any time you have a subcommittee whose job it is to focus on your issues, that’s a positive,” Glazier said.

By the way, don’t try to listen to Orrin’s music with your Window’s Media Player. Like any savvy music marketing pro Orrin has links up to his songs on, but you need the RealPlayer audio plug-in to listen to his bananahead music. Sorry kids. Just what I need, more crapware to go with his crap music on my computer.

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