Scoble Pans OurMedia

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Robert Scoble is out with a post on OurMedia and says that OurMedia is a LONG way from a service that anyone can use.

“First of all, the uploading experience, in particular, sucked. I tried more than half a dozen times to upload a video. In both IE and Firefox. It barfed everytime and gave very vague error messages.”

Of course I guess some of this is expected and is why the software is presently in “alpha.” I’d assume that even when the product matures to “beta” that bugs still remain and that it could easily be several years before the end product is finally released.

That being said, there are folks seriously working on these bugs and I’d give it a couple of months before giving it the “LONG way from a a service” diagnosis.

They do need some kind of an uploading tool though beyond just an html interface that allows you to upload one file at a time. It just takes too darn long to load media. What ought to be developed is a media uploading tool where you can add 50 files or so and then go to bed and have them on the site when you wake up in the morning. Of course the current method forces meta data entry whereas a bulk uploader might necessarily not but I think it’s better to be able to easily get content up on the site and add the meta data in later on a user by user basis.

Certain meta data might automatically be captured from the file such as created date, etc. This could always be modified by a user if it was incorrect.

Scoble’s right, OurMedia may not be ready today (I’ve already loaded media that never made it) but I hope that we are a SHORT way away from having a service everybody can use rather than a LONG way away from a service that anyone can use.

By the way, Marc Canter and J.D. Lasica are featured on a “Behind the Mic” podcast with Doug Kaye on IT Conversations that is definitely worth checking out. It gives a lot more background on the OurMedia project.

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