FCC Extends Set-Top Box Deadline

Slashdot | FCC Extends Set-Top Box Deadline Damn. Apparently the FCC has just pushed out the date another year to give the cable companies more time to comply with the CableCARD mandate. The cable operators are dragging their heels on this one big time.

By integrating Microsoft’s Foundation software and TiVo’s software into Comcast they are trying to play nice to a degree, but by not forcing the issue with the CableCARD it makes it much more difficult for the more interesting stand alone PVR solutions to come to market.

The only good news that came out of the decision today was that in responding to the extension the FCC did impress that they are interested in the cable industry also making “decent progress” towards adopting two way CableCARD technology.

From the FCC:

“While a close call, I believe today’s decision provides a justification for a modest extension. We make a strong case for the continued existence of the ban, but decide to postpone it, for one year only, to give the players involved a chance to determine whether a downloadable security solution is feasible, and if so, when it could be implemented. This technology would have costs savings, compared to the alternative of physical separation of navigation and security functionalities, for the benefit of consumers. At the same time, in this item, we require periodic and various reports to ensure that cable operators live up to existing requirements (e.g., one-way “plug-and-play” rules), and that the industries make decent progress toward future goals (e.g., two-way functionalities, software security solution).”

Thanks, Will.

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  1. Joefrontier says:

    It’s kind of amazing that cable has been able to convince the FCC that technology enhancements that allow for the separation of security and navigation are an appropriate reason to push the deadline back by another year. I could see this being an annual event. “Wait, you know we could make cableCARD even better for consumers if you’d just give us more time.” I wonder when this argument will ever end.