DirecTV’s President and CEO Quits

Mitch Stern, Photo from the Hollywood Reporter.

DirecTV Unit Chief Quits DirecTV’s President and CEO Mitch Stern quit today. Not much analysis out on any reasons why except the typical more time with family type stuff — Stern was based in New York and it’s been reported that the job required lots of travel to the West Coast.

The Street added, “Monday’s move came just over a month after DirecTV posted disappointing fourth-quarter results that suggested subscriber growth was flattening out. Though the company added 444,000 users in the quarter, it missed some analysts’ projections. Meanwhile subscriber acquisition costs jumped nearly 5%, and monthly customer defections, or churn, inched higher.”

An interview with Mitch Stern from last Summer.

The Hollywood Reporter: How has your perspective on DirecTV changed since you arrived?

Stern: DirecTV is an enormously big and complicated business. Come back 10 years from now, and I’ll tell you what I said wrong.

Maybe it should have been come back in 10 months from now, and I’ll tell you what I said wrong.

Isn’t TiVo looking for a new CEO?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Heck, I work for DirecTV in the sales department, I’ll move to CEO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im not surprised, I think the HSP’s have something to do w/it. how are u going to be a f/500 company & not have your own installers?? the contractors don’t give a u know what about the customers, & do the worse installation possible, talk bad & try to charge customers cash for every little thing or they leave. Dish network has their own (D.N.S.C), & installation is suppose to be free! the upgrade charges are way high & the equipment has a referbished sticker on it, +its leased. I can go on forever… Im a stop there, I don’t see how JD power chose DTV! later…