CNNMoney Picks Up the TiVo Drama

Does anyone want TiVo? – Mar. 9, 2005: With TiVo’s stock being up some 20 percent in the past month and the persistent takeover rumors that seem to appear almost daily, CNNMoney picks up the TiVo story ahead of tomorrow’s analyst call. All I can say is that tomorrow’s call should be either really interesting or totally anti-climactic.

In regards to the Apple-TiVo rumor, Sanders Morris Analyst David Miller is quoted as saying, “this is clearly the most emotional, rumor-driven, highly ephemeral name I’ve ever dealt with.”

The article addresses the same old stuff that’s been out a while, Marty Yudkovitz’s resignation, Ramsay’s announcement to step down, the DirecTV relationship, etc. Not a lot new here.

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