Another New Media Center PC — Velocity Micro CineMagix S95

Velocity Micro CineMagix S95 review by PC Magazine With a name that only a mother could love or remember, Velocity Micro is out with their latest entry into the Media Center PC lineup.

Cons: It’s a really big case that doesn’t look like a DVD player. Sure my HP 873N is even uglier, but if you’re buying a new MCE machine you might go for a sleeker sexier unit. Also no mention of HDTV capabilities.

Pros: Wow. This thing has 600 gigabytes of storage. You can never have too much storage when it comes to your digital media collection. Dual tuners — nice.

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  1. The CineMagix S95 is a media center PC, but is designed more as a home entertainment server to go in another space in the home, rather than integrate into the A/V rack. Used together with a Media Center Extender, this system can provide both traditional PC functionality in the office and tons of storage and interaction in the media room. We also feature two A/V component sized models for direct integration, if you prefer.