Alexander Grundner, Podcaster?

eHomeUpgrade | Audio Pitch: Media Center Communicator Alexander Grundner of the excellent site eHomeUpgrade is out with something new that he calls “Audio Pitch” where he interviews companies on their products for the digital lifestyle. Pretty cool stuff.

Grundner’s first interview is with Dean Weber, CEO of One Voice Technologies, who has developed something called Media Center Communicator. The software is a voice recognition plug in to allow you to control your Media Center PC with voice commands.

Although I’m still pretty skeptical about most voice recognition technologies these days their software does sound pretty cool. Just say, “play Beatles” and the Beatles start playing. Of course hopefully the Beatles play instead of the Beastles, but sometimes that might not be so bad either. Once Windows Media Player gets their media player library to a place where I can search without it taking five minutes I will have to try this technology.

The company also allows you to speak email and they have a PC to phone calling package for $14.95 per month.

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  1. TD says:

    The Tablet PC speech recognition is the best I’ve experienced so far, but I still don’t use it very much.

    We have OnStar and they are voice-activated and if it’s raining or there’s a lot of road noise then that can mess it up, but otherwise it’s OK for voice calling and tagging (storing numbers to names).

    More than a few times though it has tried to call the Saturn dealership when we said: “Home.”