Microsoft says sorry for AntiSpyware error

Microsoft says sorry for AntiSpyware error | CNET CNET is reporting that Microsoft has issued a public apology and compensated Web directory, one of MSN’s main competitors in Holland, after the software giant’s anti-spyware product incorrectly flagged the site as malicious. Maybe this is why the software is called beta.

For those of you who can read Dutch, the apology is here.

Now I wonder if Gator, or whatever they call themselves these days, will demand an apology next, after all what’s a little spyware when people need help remembering all those pesky passwords.

Personally I love the new Microsoft anti spyware offering. Although I’ve consistently run Ad-Aware and Spybot, I found that the new software picked up several things that Ad-Aware and Spybot had missed on my PC the other day. If you haven’t tried the new beta yet, definitely check it out.

Of course, I do still have Firefox as my default browser.

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