Ed Brill Reviews TiVoToGo

Ed Brill

Another review out on the new TiVoToGo add on. This time from Ed Brill. Although Ed appreciates that it’s a freebie kind of service for him he is not wild about it:

“This is a nice incremental feature for TiVo, but it’s not a barn-burner. There are other PVR solutions that allow PC playback without all this extra work.”

Like a lot of others out there Ed cites the slow transfer speed as a significant limitation to the service. He does note however that the transfer can run in the background on a PC allowing you to do other things while it is going on.

A while back Michael Gartenberg suggested that the TiVoToGo speed problem probably has more to do with people’s wireless networks than the service itself, but it is inevitible that the service will be blamed for slow speeds.

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  1. Ed Brill says:

    Someone else suggested that the wifi network might be to blame (their comment was very derogatory, so I deleted it).

    I’ve seen faster downloads on the same wifi network, going through the router to a VPN. So within the router I do expect better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mike Lazar here. Just didn’t have time to register. I have to agree with Ed. It’s more a function of the card and TiVo than the network. It is by far the slowest node on my network. Thankfully I’ll be able to move it to a wired card shortly, but it still won’t be as fast as other wired nodes on my network, I’d bet. Frankly, the transfer time isn’t what’s killing me. It’s the burn time to DVD with Sonic MyDVD. Even at 8x write speeds, it’s so slow I haven’t been able to time it completely. I always wind up going to bed and getting it in the morning.