eBay Plug-Ins for MCE On The Way!

eBay Plug-Ins for MCE On The Way! Well no sooner was the TiVo eBay plug in out than we see the Microsoft Media Center eBay plug in right on it’s heels. Will Flickr be next?

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  1. Ian says:

    if flickr has RSS then it would work with my RSS reader

  2. mceAuction will be released the next days. an updated screenshot can be found here.

    eBay does not understand, what i am doing with their API: they force me to open the standard eBay-login page to let the user enter his username and password EVERY TIME he starts the plugin :-(((
    so, still some discussions needed there with them…

    hope to get the “mce-virus” to them 🙂

    (aka scendix)