Browse Flickr from your TiVo

Browse Flickr from your TiVo | PVRblog This is exactly the kind of microcontent folks at TiVo and Microsoft should be trying to incorporate into their platform. The developers seem to be going nuts right now coming out with new apps for the TiVo.

Here’s an even better one though, develop a plug in to scrape Brandon Stone’s photoblog directory. Let a user add favorite photobloggers and create a direct link to “My Art” where you have a photobloggers section.

Flickr is pretty cool but still the quality is not as high as you typically find from the average photoblogger. Still, I’m sure that there are some pretty good photos on Flickr.

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  1. I think that PVRs will become the killer app for web services. In the 3 weeks or so that HME has been out some of the best apps have been an eBay browser and the Flickr app.

    Web services decouple the web from the browser, which is exactly what a PVR can benefit from.

    I’m not sure what’s available for XP MCE, but I assume there are plenty of web services clients there too.

    I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t created a plugin for iTunes to allow people to shop for music from their couch.

  2. George:
    “I think that PVRs will become the killer app for web services.”
    What am I missing? Why isnt the PC the killer app for web services?
    In many respects, I suppose I dont get the Tahiti strategy – feels like a LOT of work just to get information / services that are available on the PC ported / integrated with the TV in some watered down fashion.
    Suppose your comment means you really buy into TiVo’s Tahiti strategy, right?