Blogging Software Comparison and Analysis from Elise Bauer On the Job: Weblog Tools Market – Update February 2005 Elise Bauer offers up a very meaty piece on her take on the current market segmentation of blogging software. The piece is a well constructed analysis of the various blogging tools available at market at present.

Although it is interesting to see if Blogger is growing faster than Typepad or if Six Apart is now larger than Blogger after their merger with Live Journal or how significant Microsoft Spaces is as a newcommer, one thing that seems true irrespective of the software used is that blogging is growing, and big time. This is not a light read but chock full o’ interesting information.

Thanks, Mary!

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  1. Thomas says:

    Whoa… This is really creepy… My name is Thomas Bauer… I googled myself to see what came up and I saw your name right there, Elise Bauer… Which is really weird because I was thinking about what it would be like if me and my ex worked out relationship wise…Her name is Elise. So that like really was a shocker when I saw Elise Bauer