Music Delivery Evolution in the Digital Age

LIVEdigitally – articlesLIVEdigitally appears to be a new online digital magazine that “offers original content on living digitally. The content is focused on product news and announcements, independent and original product reviews and analysis, as well as commentary and opinion.”

The article that caught my attention today was one entitled’ “Music Delivery Evolution in the Digital Age.” The article is a thoughtful write up on the current advesarial relationship between the music producer/distributor and the music consumer.

Regarding digital music, LIVEdigitially seems to think that the root of the problem for the music industry revolves around them more than anything not wanting to lose control over their means of music distribution. As digital music can represent competition to the model of yesterday it is a threat. “That which we do not understand, we fear. It is a fear borne out of a mindset that music can only [make] money while under tight control. Basically, they don’t believe in the free market. Worse still, they don’t trust us. It is easier for them to create and market an artist than to research and discover good music and promote it.”

With the new digital tools out today the music consumer becomes empowered and wrestles control away from the content publishers and producers and undermines their monopoly for our ears.

The article also provides a brief “how to” chart on “ripcasting” and shows the consumer yet another way to better control the who, what, when, why and how of what they listen to. I published another article a while back on more ways the music consumer can help themselves to the chagrin of the RIAA at Nine Things the RIAA, MPAA, Apple,, et. al. Do Not Want You to Know… or How to Build a Large Digital Media Library on the Cheap. Thanks, Alice and Bill!

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