Leave It Behind: Building a Better Blog

Leave It Behind: Building a Better Blog Brian Bailey has an excellent post on how to build traffic with your blog. I particularly like his point about developing an authentic voice. He has 11 very salient points on how to drive traffic.

1. Use Categories

2. Use Titles

3. Publish During High Traffic Times

4. Syndicate Your Entire Post

5. Click Your Own Links

6. Develop an Authentic Voice

7. Tell Us Who You Are and How to Contact You

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Promote

9. Comment on Other Sites and Your Own

10. The More You Write, the More You’ll Have to Write Write About

[Bonus Track] Content Brings Google

I think all are excellent points. The only thing I might add would be to always be honest and to admit it when you make a mistake or our wrong and apologize if it’s called for.

Nice post Brian and Thanks Scoble!

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