iTunes hits 250 million downloads

iTunes hits 250 million downloads | CNET Apple seems to be building momentum with it’s iTunes service and announced today that they have hit 250 million downloads. Honestly, I’m quite surprised. I never expected that Apple would do so well and that people would use the service, DRM and all, when free .mp3s could be so easily downloaded. Obviously they are doing something right.

For my own situation though I’ve never used iTunes. I would never let something with the type of serious DRM associated with iTunes pollute my .mp3 library.

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  1. You DO realise that only tracks purchased from the iTune music store have the DRM on them, don’t you? Nothing you encode yourself will have DRM on it. Any MP3s, AAC or Apple Lossless files you create are clean.

    I’ve found iTunes to be an excellent library management tool. If you already have something which does this (I assume MCE does) and you don’t have an iPod, then there’s no real need for iTunes.

  2. As an addendum:

    I’m not opposed to the iTMS because of the DRM-I’m opposed to it because you pay full price for a compressed copy of the music. You don’t even get a CD if you buy a full album!

    If they started offering their music in Apple Lossless (at current prices) I might be more favourably inclined to use the store. As it stands, the only stuff I’ve downloaded from them was the free political stuff they made available last year.