How Robert Scoble Compares to the Top PR Firms

Blog Business Summit Steve Broback does a comparison with Scoble’s blog and PR firms in the Pacific Northwest. As one might expect, many many more people are interested in reading Robert Scoble than about PR firms.

The real question that is underlying the piece though is how should PR firms better leverage the blogosphere? And does the blogosphere represent an opportunity for savvy PR pros to better serve their clients?

Of course measuring the effectiveness at internet promotion simply by comparing Scoble’s site vs. a PR firm’s site is probably not the most accurate way to measure PR.

The, not so easy to verify in the real world, better comparison would be if Scoble were to promote a product on his blog vs. the results of a PR firm’s promotion on the internet.

In the real world though most ways that a PR firm gets their clients mentioned are not directly tied back to that PR firm per se. In fact, more often than not, a PR firm would prefer not to be associated with a story or article or feature so as to give more “news” credibility to the brand being discussed.

A true comparison of “PR Value” between an A List Blogger and a PR firm is thus much harder to compare. That being said though, no one can deny the promotional power of the blogosphere and that PR firms would be well served to figure out how to best work with it. (Thanks, Scoble)

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