Digital MyFi – the Edge: Digital MyFi is broadcasters’ bane, listeners’ gain So another article out on a technology that let’s you DVR Radio. Apparantly Elton John has been promoting MyFi, an iPod like device that gets XM satellite radio and can record up to five hours of radio.

I’m not sure what format the recordings are done in or if you can get them off of the player, but this is hot. This is the future and it’s just around the corner. TiVo, Microsoft, Sony, Apple are you watching? The first one who puts out a combo satellite/am/fm DVR complete with guide wins. This would be really slick for someone like Microsoft to add into MCE.

I would think that the satellite providers already have guides built and would be screaming to get their product into mass distribution into some other platforms. I currently don’t subscribe to Sirius or XM, but if my Media Center PC received it and I could DVR it to mp3 I would sign up in a heartbeat.

The files do need to be portable though and need to move from a computer to a car mp3 player to a portable mp3 player very easily.

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