Correction: You Can Fast Forward Commercials with TiVoToGo

Update: It appears that the problem Kris Krause is reporting on is a technical glitch and that you can indeed fast forward through programming with TiVoToGo. In fact there is even a 30 second forward skip plug in (nice!).

Per a posting on TiVo Forum: “with certain codecs the .tivo file does not hook up to the FF RW controls on the Media Player. this is a technical problem with the codecs and nothing to do with any deliberate stoppage of FF the commercials. If you took time to read even this forum you would know that your FUD holds little actual merit. there is actually even a ppug in to WMP 9 and 10 discussed on this forum that can enable 30 second skip ahead. Instead you choose to leave your little FUD droppings and go.”

TiVo ToGo Now admittedly I have yet to try the TiVoToGo technology myself. I’m one of those unlucky saps who has a Series One TiVo along with a second DirecTV TiVo unit (yes, yes, yes, I know all the reasons why they couldn’t make the technology available for these units, bitch, bitch, bitch).

But, (and I would be amazed if this were true) Kris Krause is reporting that you can not fast forward through commercials on TiVoToGo when transferred to your laptop for view on Windows Media Player. How totally annoying is this! I mean the whole reason you buy the TiVo is to get away from annoying commercials.

Perhaps Kris Krause is wrong on this but if this is the case then TiVoToGo sucks more than I could ever have imagined.

I, of course, have been transferring content to my laptop from my Microsoft Media Center PC (yes, yes, yes, I know, it’s much more expensive than a TiVo machine, again, bitch, bitch, bitch) since 2002 in a completely DRM and unrestricted way. I’m completely able to fast forward, pause, rewind, etc.

Sounds like TiVo may have (if this is true) spent the last year basically working on something fairly useless… in my opinion of course. Can somebody else confirm or deny that this is the case?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can confirm that you are full of BS yet again

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tivo2Go should be names Tivo2S-L-O-W

    It’s a useless, DRM’d piece of shit. Just don’t tell anyone ovet at the Tivo community forums. They’re like a bunch of sheep over there, answering only to the Tivo gods…FREAKS!

  3. Anonymous says:

    or maybe they are just still tired from having to deal with all the FUD when it was leaked that TiVo was going to put billboards over FFed commercials to let people click and get more info if they want. The headlines from that was the same as the headline on this blog. TiVo wont let you FF commericals – totaly and wildly innacurate. When lies are thrown around it gets the Freak on in some people.

    PS – I agree that TiVoToGo could have had a lot more to it then it did at initial release. I hope TiVo keeps improving it