Congratulations to 2005 Microsoft MVPs

Ed Bott – Windows (and Office) Expertise: Congratulations to 2005 MVPs Ed Bott offers some interesting suggestions to Microsoft on their MVP Award list. Most significantly, Microsoft should provide links to their MVP’s blogs on their award list. This would be helpful and useful information.

As an aside, congratulations to those who made the Windows Media Center MVP List:

Alex Feinman USA

Andy Vanosdale USA

Bob Cook USA

Corey Gouker USA

Daniel Sterling USA

Doug Knox USA

Hugo Leijtens Netherlands

James Ison USA

Jason Tsang Canada

Jeff Griffin USA

Justin M. Harrison USA

Luis A. Burgos USA

Mark Salloway UK

Michel Bordeleau Canada

Peter Near Canada

Robert Schlabbach Germany

Ryean Vergara USA

Of course, Chris Lanier should have been on this list as well.

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  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the congratulations.

    FWIW, I just started up my blog at

    I’ll have a few MCE related posts coming up soon.