CNET Reviews the new DirecTV HDTV TiVo

Hughes HR10-250

DirecTV HD DVR (HD TiVo) review – Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) – CNET Reviews CNET is out with their first review of the new Hughes HR10-250 DirecTV HDTV TiVo and they rate it “very good” with a 8.3 rating out of 10 points possible.

Reviewer John Falcone says, “until the second-generation HD DVRs (and first-generation HD-DVD and Blu-ray recorders) arrive in 2005, the DirectTV HD TiVo stands alone as the best and easiest-to-use product for recording HDTV.”

I would have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with John. Having used the new HDTV TiVo for several months now I have found it to be a wonderful, hot, sleek and sexy piece of machinery.

To be able to time shift HDTV with more storage than any competing device this unit stands head and shoulders above it’s competitors. The price is also head and shoulders above the competitors. However, if price is not a significant issue for you, and how can one put a price on love or HDTV, this is the PVR to own.

One limitation that the review and some critics have pointed out is that this unit only works with DirecTV. For the life of me I still can’t figure out why this is such a negative. Although I can see the disadvantage of this point for apartment dwellers or for people who can’t get a satellite signal, I can’t see it as a disadvantage for those who can. Prior to buying this unit I was already using DirecTV as my content provider and have always found the service to be reasonably good.

More than this though, at present DirecTV offers one of the most compelling HDTV packages around. In addition to all four networks (including Fox) they offer HBO, Showtime, UHD, HDNet, and Discovery Home Theater among other things in HD. They have also recently launched a number of new satellites to even further expand their HDTV offerings.

The review concludes with, “In the final analysis, the HD TiVo is the best HD DVR we’ve seen to date. Yes, we wish it had TiVo’s networking and multiroom capabilities. And yes, we wish Direct TV would match the Dish DVR 921’s significantly lower price tag ($549). But its superior interface and stability give it the edge over that Dish model. Furthermore, with DirecTV slated to dramatically expand its HDTV offerings over the next couple of years–and no alternative high-def DVR currently announced or available for the service–we can safely recommend the HD TiVo to satellite customers looking to maximize their high-def viewing.”

All in all it is nice to see this product receive such a fine write up from CNET.

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