Web Radio 1.0 For Media Center

Web Radio 1.0 For Media Center Chris Lanier blogs about the new webradio plug in for Microsoft’s Media Center Edition software. It’s absolutely worthless without record and archive capability.

Come on people. Quit being so scared of the media companies.


Microsoft has had radio record technology for years. The mylifebits guys over at Microsoft Research have talked about it in the past.

Push the envelope guys. Be the first one to enable podcasting of The Howard Stern show and before he goes to satellite.

Quit being chicken on this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Im currently testing Beta 2 of this plug in and sorta taken back by your comments! This is a great plug in!

    The amount of stations is unlimited now with Beta 2! For me its a great FREE app where I can listen to any FREE internet stream (128K or higher I prefer) from anywhere around the globe through my Media Center! You set up genres and then add stations to each genre! I have a Local Radio genre, where through the click of a button I listen to all my local area radio stations! I dont have a radio tuner and now because of this app I wont have to buy one! Again its limitless and offers a much better online radio experience then Napster or MSN radio – no need to sign up for either now.

    The developer before releasing will be implementing Internet TV into the plug in! You’ll be able to pull any TV type stream you can find on the net and watch it on your media center(pR0n will dominate at 1st)! I think such a plug in could be a impetus that starts the IPTV ball rolling and the elimination of commericials as we know today!

    Obviously, Im syked about this awesome plug in, even if it doesnt have a recording option! Maybe the developer in the future will add it, but Im sure you will try this app and really dig it. Maybe you’ll like it so much you’ll take back your ungrateful comments!

    Cheers, Chaser

  2. Discfree.com says:

    I back the hawk. Streaming music is worthless in my opinion. Radio Tivo is the future. Big MicroMedia should give in and embrace the revolution.