More on the new Microsoft/Comcast DVR

Comcast DVRJohn Montgomery offers a nice write up on the Comcast DVR. In my mind the biggest limitation still seems to be hard drive size. This is why the HDTV TiVo is still a better deal for me. Also the HDTV TiVo has 4 tuners instead of two and with East and West Coast Network, HBO, etc. feeds conflicts are non-existant on the HDTV TiVo.

Why doesn’t Comcast offer a unit with a larger disk drive for sale? It would seem that if the consumer was willing to spring for the added expense of a larger disk drive that this should be a no brainer. If it only holds 30 hours of regular TV you are probably only looking at 10-12 of HDTV in my estimate.

Of course Montgomery ends his review with the billion dollar question, “I’m now wondering what Windows XP Media Center Edition would do to improve on these…”

Another negative quip on the unit here. (Thanks,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they’ll allow you to add your own external firewire or usb drive some day…