Media Center PCs So Far Not In Starring Role

Yahoo! News – Media Center PCs So Far Not In Starring Role: Investor’s Business Daily points out the difficulties Microsoft is having and may continue to have in marketing the Media Center PC. According to IBD, “Media Center Edition PCs remain a high-priced, low-volume niche product two years after entering the market.”

There are two major problems that I see with Media Center Edition as it stands now.

1. The decision that was made NOT to aggressively pursue HDTV capabilty early in the process and still eludes the product today while satellite and cable providers are aggressively offering HDTV DVR products and even getting into the business of marketing HDTVs directly.

2. The fact that as it currently stands, Media Center Edition demos horribly in my home due to the extremely slow performance of “my music”. As a hopeful evangelist for the product every person that I show the system to in my home, and there have been many, are put off by the long wait times associated with playing music on the system.

Until these shortcomings are addressed, I agree with the article that Media Center will not see widespread adoption.

Microsoft should at minimum announce when they anticipate on correcting these two problems or at least leak the information to help build some real excitement over their product. Time is not on their side on this one.

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  1. Ed Bott says:

    I have more an 12,000 songs on my Media Center PC and do not see any of the performance problems you list. See my post here for details.

    I’d be interested in doing some tests to see what the nature of your issue is. But perhaps one reason Microsoft doesn’t appear to be addressing this as an issue is that it is hardware or format-specific.

    As for HDTV, the cable and satellite companies really hold all the cards. If I want anything other than over-the-air HD, I have to use a PVR from my cable company or buy Directv with Tivo. There is no other way to get the HD signal from the cable box or satellite decoder to a third-party PVR. And that’s the way they want it, because it means they have lock-in.

  2. Ed Bott says:

    I’ve got some more reactions here.