Matt Goyer — Microsoft MCE Evangelist

Matt Goyer ‘s blog – A completely egotistical storyline of my life Matt Goyer has got it figured out and is an incredibly valuable asset to Microsoft’s Media Center team. In his post here he takes the time to address numerous recent criticims (my own included) of the MCE product.

This kind of open dialog is refreshing, engaging, intellectually stimulating and is a fine example of how to evangalize your product. The transparancy is really great coming from Microsoft who in the past has not been as communicative regarding it’s releases and products.

A lot of the recent criticism is pretty bogus and it’s great to see Matt call this out. I mean one critic TDavid was complaining that it “took an embarrasing amount of time to figure out how to exit MCE.” Good grief man, how simple is to click on the x in the upper right hand corner like every other PC application known to man? Even my own criticism about my music taking too long to load is probably pretty inapplicable to 99.9% of users. Matt’s right on this.

It is also nice though to see even Matt provide his own criticism at the end that the product doesn’t support HDTV cable.

Nice work and keep it up.

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  1. TD says:

    It’s ironic that you’d be complimenting Mr. Goyer on his intellectual fortitude and then be insulting others besides yourself who took time to ask questions and offer constructive criticism in almost the same breath. I found this post off the cuff and not very studious and I suspect you didn’t intend it to come across that way. Perhaps you’ll correct this error. The devil’s in the details, mon.

    So now let me correct you.

    Actually the exit is not in the “upper right hand corner like every other windows application” it is in the upper LEFT corner and it requires confirmation and it is not the familiar ‘X’ exit like almost every other Windows application (developers know that this ‘X’ can easily be removed). And did you like miss the word “embarassing” or what? Yes, I realize my complaint was somewhat pathetic but I am admitting something as a new user that wasn’t as obvious as you make it sound.

    And if it was my commentary that you felt was “pretty bogus”, Mr. Hawk, and you had actually took the extra few minutes to go to my blog (too many bloggers are lazy, so it doesn’t surprise me) and read my full, detailed commentary then you’d know that this wasn’t the case. I spent several blog entries in detail, including screenshots, explaining both the purchase decision and first time experience. And Goyer commented on my blog and asked me for even more detail, which I happily provided.

    I wanted to like the MCE 2005, really I did, and in fact contemplated using it to replace the TiVO we’ve had for years.

    Also, I linked you up a number of days ago because I agree with many things you’ve written, and I challenge you to address any/all of my comments and offer counter solutions if you have them, rather than to resort to off the cuff derogatory remarks about people you do not know or obviously have not read.

    So please take a couple minutes and read my detailed comments and not the abridged version on Goyer’s blog (where he didn’t even address all of my concerns) and you’ll see exactly what I was talking about and *WHY* my family took the Media Center Edition 2005 back.

    In it’s current incarnation I could offer a compelling argument that MCE 2005 is a confusing product: is it an entertainment device? A PC? A music machine? A PVR? Why does it use so much power? Where’s the auto favorites record option (doesn’t seem to exist according to Goyer? And on … and on …

  2. TD says:

    Yikes, past participle error in my last comment. That would be “had taken” … anyway, obviously these comments aren’t edited LOL, I also thought you might be interested in my comments on TiVo over the whole fast forward debacle. You can search the blog and find out more about that.

    I’m not angry with you, Mr. Hawk, I just don’t think, based upon your comments that you actually read what I really had to say in full.

    That’s one of the problems with blogging in that bits and pieces are cut out and the context is easily lost. I’m guilty of this myself as a blogger sometimes. Thankfully our readers keep me in check on this stuff.

    Have a nice day 🙂