Can You Hear Me Now?

An interesting thing happened to me on Christmas this year — I was introduced for the first time to the annoying Sprint Guy and it made me realize the power of my DVR.

I spent Christmas with my family away from my home, far away from my oxygen like broadband lifeline connection, my vast mp3 library and of course my much beloved HDTV TiVo.

I’m not much of a sports fan and I rarely watch sports on my own at home but decided to watch part of the Lakers/Heat game with my family. It was actually kind of an exciting game for someone who rarely watches sporting events.

Then a funny thing happened. A commercial came on with this Sprint Guy. Immediately my family members started talking about this guy. About how annoying he was. About how much money he must make and his immense popularity, etc. etc. A debate went on about the fact that he was probably a millionaire by now due to these commercials, about how he’d never be able to land a serious acting role after his Sprint commercials, etc. etc. He’s the guy that walks around saying “can you hear me now.”

As this was my first introduction to the guy I thought it was odd that everyone was giving him so much attention and then I realized that this was the difference between the other members of my family who don’t use DVRs and myself. As almost 100% of what I watch on TV for the past few years has been filtered through TiVo or Microsoft’s MCE I have missed many of the new and annoying advertising icons that have been created and keep popping up.

And then I smiled.

Oh yeah, and I don’t miss all of those annoying car commercials of the same damn car going over the same damn curvy country road over and over and over again either.

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  1. vern says:

    Actually, the “Can you hear me now” is Verizon. This guy is different. He is always talking about how hard it is for people to hear each other on their current cellular, because it’s not “Sprint All Digital PCS”.

    Verizon’s commercials are no less annoying, but their cell service kicks the crap outta Sprint.