Why I’m dissatisfied with Google Desktop Search

Basically it finds things but then doesn’t give you any advanced tools to work with things you find. Only half the battle if you ask me. For instance, if I want to find all of the Springsteen mp3s on my pc (and I haven’t organized them effectively — although in real life I have!) and do a Google desktop search, fine, it finds them, but then how do I copy them all effectively?

The only real command you can use with Google desktop search once you’ve found something is to open it. This was basically my problem with Copernic (well that and the fact that when I was copying files in the background I’d get errors because Copernic was accessing the file when I was trying to copy it). So for now I’m saying ho-hum with regards to Google’s desktop search. It’s nice and I’m sure I’ll use it but I’m still more excited about what is coming our way from Microsoft and I hope it gives me more functionality with regards to working with files after it’s found them.

I suppose what I really want is Windows Explorer on steroids. Imagine. Lightening fast indexed desktop search, no more copy errors, complete ability to search and sort by meta data (a MUST have), and full tools and post search file functionality… or is this called Longhorn?

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