Red Herring Blog: Rife with opportunity

Red Herring Blog: Rife with opportunity: “The other area where technology is poised to unleash real opportunity is in the niche media. The power of the little voice, which addresses narrow audiences willing to pay a premium in fees or attention to advertising specifically related to their interests, is exceptionally promising.”

Microsoft and TiVo would both be well served to figure out how to capture alternative sources of small media to aggregate and deliver to their devices via broadband. Whoever builds the best guide with the most content will win.

These companies need to develop a small army of editors/surfers who find free and then syndicate internet basic micro content. These same editors need to strike distribution/marketing deals with all sorts of other small content providers. Things that should be considered:

1. All amatuer athletics. Things like Little League Games, High School Athletics, etc. are all ripe for low end videotaping and subsequent broadcasting.

2. Religious Services. Religious organizations should be fairly willing to provide their content.

3. Performances. Both venues and artists should videotape concerts, performances, etc.

4. Public Access media. Though venues like “Our Media” and the Internet Archives, microcontent should be scrapped, packaged, tagged and offered for consumption to end users in their living room.

5. Public meetings (city hall meetings, planning commission meetings, town hall councils, etc. etc.) shoud all be made available.

The expense of these efforts could be financed various ways. The Little League, could, for example, assess each member a fee to cover filming all of the games. Or production companies could hire parents or other people at the games to video tape the events.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many other opportunities to expand on this growing area of opportunity.

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