More Information on Your Friends Over at Voom

Voom Times – Finally, some HDTV that’s worth watching. By Fred Kaplan Slate Magazine is running a fairly comprehensive article today on the interesting things that are going on over at Voom. The author claims that Voom’s HDTV images are superior, in fact “vastly superior,” to the high def being shown on DirecTV or cable. According to the article, Voom will have a DVR model to market by March. They also say that Voom will have have 70 high def channels by March as well as a significant HDTV movie pay per view line up. Interesting things coming from Voom.

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  1. says:

    Since Voom started a year ago, they have lost one customer for every three that they’ve signed up. This could be due to some of their installation problems, but I suspect that this is tied to their customer service complaints. I doubt that I’ll be putting down $500 for a company that will be out of business in a year. I can see the headlines now . . . Voom is doomed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your prediction has come true. Check out Voom’s website at