Howard’s “Big” Announcement Ho Hum

Whatever happened to the Howard Stern we know and love?

So after hyping his “big” announcement and saying he would talk about things that he “couldn’t talk about” on his radio show, Howard Stern’s performance on Letterman last night was a big letdown. There was nothing new. He didn’t even mention the fact that Karmazin is going to Sirius.

We all knew everything he has said already. It’s in the news releases, he’s already talked about it all on the radio. And yet all week Howard Stern has been telling callers that he can’t talk about it and that they should watch Letterman for the big news, etc. etc. and there was no big news. The same old story just told to a bigger audience I guess.

Frankly I expected something more. Something crazy from Howard. And what’s with Dave? It’s like he was interviewing President Bush or something. No wisecracks. No big jokes at Howard’s expense. How does Howard get off that easy. The whole thing seemed scripted and totally boring in my opinion and it had the opportunity to become a truly great historical moment on television.

I really expected more theater, more humor. Why not have some crazy Howard Stern fan in the audience do something nutty on live tv? Why not bring out a couple of Howard’s freaky regulars?

Congratulations Howard on freeing yourself from the chains of FCC oppression but c’mon man. Let’s have fun with this. Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’ve been much nuttier on previous Letterman visits (see picture above). If last night’s performance was any indication of the tone of your new show on Sirius… Yikes.

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