How About the Rest of the Folks Over at Jupiter Media Turning on Their Comments as Well.

Micro Persuasion: Alan Meckler Turns on Comments on His Blog Steve Rubel blogs that Alan Meckler, CEO of Jupiter Media, has turned the comments on on his blog. This is something to applaud Meckler for. I believe that allowing comments creates a richer, and certainly more interactive, experience for the reader of a blog. Blogs have been called conversations and not allowing comments keeps the conversation very one sided.

The risks of allowing comments can, to a degree, be mitigated by moderating your comments and deleting spam and off topic items.

The real fear with comments though is that by moderating your comments and by deleting what may be a very on topic but critical comment you run the risk of undermining the legitimacy of the conversation. Because of this many corporate bloggers and even individual bloggers choose rather to avoid the issue by not allowing comments at all — a mistake in my opinion.

It is refreshing to see people like Meckler continue the trend of folks like Mark Cuban and Yahoo!’s corporate blog in allowing comments. I think when I can go to the Yahoo! blog and post a comment that is critical of Yahoo! that it gives their blog more credibility and legitimacy in my eyes. And negative comments can still be constructive at times and, although perhaps undesirable from a PR perspective, still add to the process of product development in the long run.

Now the question is, when will the rest of the folks at Jupiter Media, including Michael Gartenberg and his excellent blog, follow the example of their CEO and turn their comments on as well?

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