HDTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with TiVo

HDTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with TiVo Another review on the new HD TiVo HR 10-250 from DirecTV. Apparantly an HD-DVR is the hottest thing going in AV these days and was the top spot on the wishlist of 20,000 surveyed respondents.

“In a recent poll conducted as a part of an Audio Video Revolution sweepstakes, a question was asked to the nearly 20,000 respondents as to what AV product they are planning on buying next within the next six months. We asked a very similar question in 2003: for a resounding majority, the answer was an HDTV set. In 2004, the most likely purchase was an HD-DVR (or TiVo). This new AV component category led all others, including HD sets themselves, with 28 percent of our readers saying this would be their next purchase.

To say HD-DVR is a scorching hot new category of gear is to understate its importance.”

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